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Image Submission Guidelines

  • We prefer electronic submissions of digital images through the Web, via e-mail, or on CD-ROM. If you have a Web site with a large number of images, we prefer that you offer selected submissions by means of a password-protected lightbox for which you give us the password, rather than simply referring us to all the images on your site. E-mail is an option for small numbers of images, but file size makes it impractical for larger numbers.

  • We prefer color images to black and white, but we accept an occasional black and white image.

  • Grouping your images by subject is helpful to our review process.

  • Please note: we will accept only duplicates of your images. Original transparencies will not be accepted and, if submitted, will be returned immediately. Duplicate transparencies will not be returned.

  • Please do not submit any image purchased within the last two years by another church bulletin publisher or by Augsburg Fortress.

Areas of Concentration

PEOPLE: We need powerful, vibrant photographs of people of various ages, abilities, and ethnicities:

  • people who evoke Christian values in their daily life
  • people helping each other, ministry to the sick
  • images that depict true emotion
  • images that seem natural, not staged
  • people alone and in groups, working together, sharing meals, etc.
  • people at worship (baptism, prayer, communion, singing, gesturing)
  • happy, multicultural groups of children
  • multicultural, intergenerational subjects are preferred to any one age or ethnic group

SCENIC: Scenic pictures should identify place whenever possible. We are interested in colorful (not dark) photographs of:

  • Nature (water, trees, fields, flowers, vineyards, rainbows, mountains, paths, roads, sunrises, fire, clouds, rock formations)
  • Objects (boats, nets, crosses, pearls, keys, lanterns, candles, Bible)
  • Animals (doves, fish, sheep, oxen)
  • Agriculture (harvest themes, bread, wheat, grapes, fruit, farms/barns)
  • Architecture (fortress, castle, house, church, churchyard)

ART: We are interested in narrative and symbolic art in all media:

  • paintings
  • icons
  • sculpture
  • mosaics
  • textiles, needlework
  • stained glass
  • woodcarving

Artwork should be identified by name and location. Do not submit images of fine art photographed in an art gallery without permission. (This would not apply to public art such as paintings or sculptures in churches.)


  • attractive nativity art in any art tradition or folk style
  • candle and poinsettia arrangements with bright, joyous feel
  • Christmas candles and greens
  • luminaria alight at Christmas
  • scenes of Christmas from warm climates
  • scenes of Christmas from snowy climates
  • angel art
  • Christmas music images
  • Advent wreath with four candles
  • scenes with sun about to rise
  • scenes with prominent moon in blue sky
  • Thanksgiving harvest themes
  • Thanksgiving mealtime prayer
  • Bible images for Reformation Sunday


  • Lenten themes (praying hands, cross, portraits of Jesus, wilderness, journey)
  • art of Christ on the cross or carrying the cross
  • baptismal imagery for Lenten themes
  • Easter sunrise
  • Easter lilies
  • Easter morning resurrection art
  • cross with triumphant feel
  • trumpets
  • crown of thorns
  • palms/entry into Jerusalem art
  • ashes (Ash Wednesday)
  • Maundy Thursday themes (Last Supper, footwashing)
  • Pentecost dove, flames, art depicting descent of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2
  • peaceful/hopeful pastoral scenes


Objects that provide metaphorical value (like candles) are good subjects. Lighting that conveys a sense of God’s presence and our joy in God’s love is an overarching guideline for bulletin images and images projected in worship.


  • Images are reviewed once a year, generally in the late summer/early fall, for the Every Sunday Service Folder (bulletin) line.

  • Images are reviewed several times a year for use in Web-based products.

  • We cannot answer telephone queries regarding your submission.

Contact Information

U.S. Mail:

Augsburg Fortress
Senior Art Director
PO Box 1209
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1209

Other Carriers (UPS or express services):

Augsburg Fortress
Senior Art Director
510 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55402-1222







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