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Worship Submission Guidelines

Augsburg Fortress Publishers is committed to the publication and distribution of worship and music resources representing high musical and liturgical quality in a variety of styles and genres, sound theological substance, pastoral sensitivity, Lutheran heritages, and ecumenical usefulness.

Areas of Concentration

Augsburg Fortress worship development concentrates on:

Liturgical Resources include new texts for liturgical usage, lectionary-based planning and interpretive materials, prayers, worship planning guides, home resources based on the liturgy, bulletins, lectionary inserts, liturgical scholarship, and books for children and adults about worship. Especially important are creative new texts and rites to be used by diverse congregations yet developed out of the ecumenical liturgical tradition.

All publications should show a concern for inclusive language. While classic texts are normally honored and retained for their poetic value, new texts for hymnody, psalmody, and liturgical rites should include generally accepted inclusive language for humanity. Various and diverse language for God, including both feminine and masculine images that are rooted in scripture, is also desired.


Most of the liturgically-oriented materials published by Augsburg Fortress are commissioned on a work-for-hire basis. However, proposals are welcomed, and there is a continuing need to identify gifted writers.

The Revised Common Lectionary forms the basis for much of the worship material published by Augsburg Fortress. Projects that relate to corporate worship around word and sacrament, or to bringing such an emphasis into areas such as home worship, are particularly welcome.

Those who have worship-related publishing projects that might be of interest to Augsburg Fortress are encouraged to submit them, in whole or in part, for consideration. Or if you prefer to inquire as to interest first, that also is fine. Materials will either be accepted (as is or provisionally) or declined within 90 days. Manuscripts may be submitted as e-mail attachments or as hard copy by mail. If you wish to have hard-copy manuscripts returned to you, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted regarding contract issues.

If you would like to be considered as a writer for publications such as bulletin messages, devotional booklets, or Sundays and Seasons, please send an e-mail to the address below. You will be contacted as to what sample writing we would like to see. If you know what type of writing would interest you, please indicate that.

Contact Information

U.S. Mail:
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Other Carriers (UPS or express services):
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