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How does OneLicense compare to Augsburg Fortress licenses?

Questions and Answers

How does OneLicense compare to Augsburg Fortress licenses?

What material does OneLicense cover?

OneLicense covers congregational song material (hymns and songs) from a number of publishers (see for a list of these publishers). No liturgies or liturgical music from Augsburg Fortress are covered by OneLicense.

Does OneLicense take the place of the Liturgy and Song License?

Not entirely. OneLicense covers hymns only. If your church wants to print or project liturgies, liturgical music, or liturgical texts, you'll still need one or more of our liturgy licenses (LBW, With One Voice, This Far By Faith,...). Sign up for the ones you need!

I have an Augsburg Fortress Liturgy and Song License and am buying the OneLicense. Can I get any refund?

We are offering a prorated refund for your Liturgy and Song License. So for example, if you're six months through your annual L&S License period, we'll refund half of your annual fee. Simple!

How can I make Hymns for Worship aware of my OneLicense?

Hymns for Worship CD-ROM is hard-coded with the licenses that existed when we produced the product, so you can't just add "OneLicense" to the list of licenses in your User Profile. But you can cover the same bases by inputting your OneLicense number and expiration date for each of the following two licenses listed in Hymns for Worship: AFP and GIA. This will cover much of the content that OneLicense covers, and save you the permission letter printouts that would otherwise be produced.

What about Renewing Worship?

As it was before, Renewing Worship liturgical texts and other purely textual material is reproducible through the end of 2005 (this is detailed in the preface of each Renewing Worship volume). Musical material has to be approached on a case-by-case basis: check the copyright information at the end of each musical item (either hymn or liturgical music). If the material is public domain (i.e., the information doesn't list ANY copyright holders or administrators), you're in the clear. If the material is owned or administered by Augsburg Fortress, it's reproducible through the end of 2005. If any of the material is owned or administered by anyone else, you have to get permission from that person or organization in order to reprint that content. OneLicense covers material by participating publishers (see, and this would include copyrighted material in Renewing Worship. In the Holy Communion volume (vol. 6 in the Renewing Worship series), the copyright listings for music are in the second half of the volume (the versions with accompaniments); the rights listings aren't given in the first half, in order to simplify those pages.






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