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Finding the Copyright Holder

If Augsburg Fortress doesn't control the rights, then who does?

This answer varies depending on which worship volume you're referring to.

Material in Lutheran Book of Worship:

The acknowledgements section at the back of LBW can help differentiate between those LBW materials that Augsburg Fortress controls and those that come from other sources or copyright administrators. If the song is in LBW but is omitted from the acknowledgements section of LBW, then that material in the pew edition is in the public domain (no license or reprint permission is necessary).

Material in With One Voice, Worship & Praise, This Far by Faith, Libro de Liturgia y Cántico, As Sunshine to a Garden, O Blessed Spring, Dancing at the Harvest, Global Songs 2 and other collections:

Below each song is information that states the source for the text and music and any copyright notices for that source material. If there is a copyright notice (look for the copyright symbol "©") for the specific material you wish to use (text, tune, or arrangement), then the name of the individual or organization immediately following the copyright year is usually the one who controls the copyright. Notice the specific element(s) of the song that are controlled by that copyright holder.

Sometimes the copyright holder controls only the text, or only the music, or only certain stanzas or the text or portions of the music. This will be spelled out in the copyright notice.

If you are using a collection other than those stated above, be sure to also look at the copyright notices and acknowledgements sections of the collection to see if there is a single copyright notice that applies to several items in the collection.

The copyright holder I'm looking for is no longer in business. Where do I go for permission?

Augsburg Fortress has information on who now holds the rights to many works copyrighted by publishers that are no longer in existence, including our predecessor publishing houses: Augsburg Publishing House, Augustana Book Concern, Muhlenburg Press, Wartburg Press, and others.

You may also wish to contact a local bookstore, music store, or the public library. All may be helpful in tracking the current owner of the copyright.

For a contact list, visit Copyright Holder List.






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