Ideas for Using Ending Hunger Now in Your Congregation


Explore and Debate the Issues

Focus the worship or education hour on the topic of world hunger. World Food Day is recognized each year on October 16. National Hunger Awareness Day is June 7, 2005. Begin with five minutes of silence. Ask those assembled to meditate on these questions:

"What will awaken the people of God from their comatose state to act to end hunger now? How high must be the pile of statistics of hungry people? How high must be the pile of dead people? How high must be the pile of Bible verses?"
—Craig Nessan, Professor, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

Create reading circles in your congregation. Read Ending Hunger Now together. The book is organized around five sessions. Discuss the questions at the end of each of the five chapters and answer the question: What do I know now that is awakening me to action?

Become Actively Engaged

Create hunger action circles in your congregation. Act on these ideas and others that will be created by your hunger action circle.

  • Explore the many links on to see which organizations you and your congregation might best partner with.
  • Seek out the hungry within a three-mile radius of your congregation. Look seriously at their situation and determine how you might help them.
  • Hunger is a political issue. Suggest legislation in your congregation and partner with your representatives and senators to see that it is passed. Insist that state and national representatives and senators create legislation that feeds people.
  • Become informed about the constructive work the United Nations does. Volunteer the members of your hunger action circle as participants in global feeding stations sponsored by the U.N. Educate your community upon your return.
  • Organize a Farmer-to-Farmer Corps to assist farmers. If you are a farmer, volunteer to strategize with others about addressing world hunger.
  • Make sure that your faith community has an ongoing connection with an overseas organization and a domestic organization that is feeding the hungry. Give a portion of your faith communities budget to organizations such as CARE, Bread for the World, UNICEF, and America's Second Harvest.
  • Perform random acts of kindness. When you prepare your sandwich for lunch, prepare one more and give it to a homeless person you pass on your way to work each morning or organize dinners in your congregation and invite those in your neighborhood that you know are hungry.
  • Create political will. Insist that your local, state, and national representatives develop a vision in which feeding the hungry is not only morally right but technically possible. Communicate regularly with local, state, and national politicians to keep the needs of the hungry in front of them.
  • Reacess the lifestyle of your congregation. Consume less, eat, drink, drive, and air condition less. Grow a community garden with the hungry. Set aside the dollars you save by consuming less and differently and donate it to local hunger organizations.

"No war in all of history has ever killed so many humans and spread so much suffering and disease in any year as world hunger now does annually. So if we cannot resolve all of humanity's problems, let us resolve to end at least one by the year 2030—human hunger."
—George McGovern

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