Praise for Ending Hunger Now

  • "This is a compelling and authoritative work. These dedicated humanitarians argue that not only is ending hunger our most urgent task, it is also well within our reach. In a world that already produces enough food for every man, woman and child, it is simply unacceptable that 850 million people today still go hungry. This book offers sound judgment, clear solutions and pragmatic ways to move forward. It is essential reading for all people of faith and indeed for anyone who believes we can and should make the world a better place for all."

    —James Morris, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme

  • "A call to persons of faith not only to feed the hungry, but to help those in the world's poorest nations gain the capacity to feed themselves."

    —Paul Applegarth, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, The German Marshall Fund, and former Chief Executive Officer, Millennium Challenge Corporation

  • "Is it possible to end hunger now? George McGovern, Bob Dole and Donald Messer don't ask the question, they just say: We must do it! Is this a challenge? Of course, but for people of faith, everything is possible. Faith accomplishes miracles. By faith the world has been changed. By faith and action we can win the battle; we can make hunger history. We can, and by God's grace we will."

    —John Graz, Director, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Seventh-day Adventist Church

  • "If every congregation in America studied Ending Hunger Now: A Challenge to Persons of Faith, I believe we would meet that challenge in our time. The book not only is eye opening, it also opens the heart. In place of the inertia that sets in when we despair of change, the authors inspire hope that an end to hunger is in sight, convincing us to banish old excuses and 'make hunger history.'"

    —Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches USA

  • "The problem of hunger in God's world is not one of capacity; but will. For the person of faith, amelioraing this crisis must be perceived as a command from our Creator. This book provides a passionate proposal and inspirational guide to motivate us to be God's partners in the challenge of Ending Hunger Now."

    —Rabbi Jerome M. Epstein, The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

  • "Bob Dole and George McGovern challenge us to say good morning to 300-million hungry children...we are going to feed you today. This challenge to the community of faith can be solved. There is enough food in the world. We must have the will to get food into the hands of hungry children."

    —Larry Jones, President /Cofounder, Feed the Children

  • "This book is an invaluable resource for congregations and individuals striving to be faithful to God's mandate that we end hunger in our world. People of faith have the power to help shape our government's policies that can literally mean life or death for a hungry person. Ending Hunger Now is an important tool in helping people of faith understand, and respond to, that responsibility."

    —David Beckmann, President, Bread for the World and Bread for the World Institute

  • I commend the writers and the publisher for putting in our hands and hearts a plan to end hunger by 2030. And the only way to begin this journey of 'ending hunger now' is for you and especially me to 'end apathy now!'

    "Ending Hunger Now is a power-filled, practical, non-partisan, people-centered, peace-making, perception-bashing production that is not only promisingÑbut possible as well! It is much more than statistics because, as the African saying goes, 'It adds tears to the numbers!'"

    An old saying about celebrating our gifts, while at the same time responding to the needs of people, simply states: 'Accept your fatness — and help skinny people get fat!' This resource pushes the reader to move on from global guilt trips to practical and doable ways to make the title of this book a reality! And it all starts with me — and you — now!"

    —Dr. Rich Bimler, President, Wheat Ridge Ministries

  • "Justice to the poor and hungry is a litmus test of our faith. George McGovern, Bob Dole and Donald Messer make this very clear, and just like Matthew 25, they are straightforward — Jesus asks us, 'Have you fed the hungry or not?' That hunger persists in our world of plenty is a profound moral failure of the human community. I have seen the many faces of hunger, and I have also seen the remarkable ways impoverished people with a little help can become self-sustaining. Their resilience and the continuing commitment of the faith community to live out their beliefs and challenge the social, political, and economic structures that perpetuate hunger and poverty give me hope that hunger will not have the last word. Read this book and take action."

    —Rev. John L. McCullough, Executive Director and CEO, Church World Service

  • "Ending Hunger Now is appearing at a critical time. Through the global campaign to 'Make Poverty History' and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the international community has pledged to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger."

    As this succinct, non-partisan book ably points out, there is no doubt that we are capable of ending hunger. What we have lacked is the political will to do so. Consequently, a 'hunger tsunami' continues to kill more than 210,000 people every week.

    George McGovern, Bob Dole and Donald Messer contend that awakening people of faith to the great tragedy of world hunger can create the political will to end hunger. After all, feeding the hungry is both a moral obligation and a bedrock requirement in all of the great faiths. Our belief in a loving and caring God demands that we end world hunger."

    —Dean Hirsch, President, World Vision International

  • "What a practical and encouraging book, especially for those of us who feel deeply but are not always so confident in our understanding of global issues. Armed with all the experience, wisdom, and inside information most of us lack, the authors make a great case for what I always hoped and suspected to be true: All we lack to end hunger are the moral conviction and the political will to do so, and generating that conviction and will is work we can all do, from wherever we stand, right now."

    —Bart Campolo, Founder and Chaplain, Mission Year

  • "Ending Hunger Now is a book that must be read and discussed in every church, synagogue and mosque in this country at a time when so many feel so powerless to make a difference in ending hunger.

    The symbiosis of hunger, the pandemic spread of disease, illiteracy, the vulnerability of women and children, poverty, global terrorism and the perpetuation of unstable and corrupt governments throughout parts of the world is no accident.

    Domestically, we are reminded that America is great when America is good and our goodness must be defined by how we care for the least among us.

    Senators McGovern, Dole and Donald Messer have not only given us timely insights about hunger as one of the deadliest weapons of mass destruction currently threatening our planet but they also provide the reader with practical ways in which to personally engage in becoming actively involved in ending hunger in our time.

    Geared for discussion by people of faith leading to simple yet creative solutions within our houses of worship, Ending Hunger Now not only details a solid theology for ending hunger but also provides discussion points that ultimately can lead to practical corporate and individual action. This is a "must read" for all the children of God."

    —The Right Reverend John Bryson Chane, DD. Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Washington D.C.

  • "Ending Hunger Now will help create vision that will translate into compassion that will move individuals, congregations, businesses, and nations to action...and the results could change history, affecting millions of lives for the better!"

    —Pastor Brian McLaren, Cedar Ridge Community Church,Spencerville, MD and author of A New Kind of Christian

  • "This important book reminds us that we already have the resources to end hunger in our time. We just need the will. I hope it will be an education, inspiration, and call to action for readers everywhere."

    —Marian Wright Edelman, CEO and Founder, Children's Defense Fund

  • "Senators George McGovern and Bob Dole remain the international leaders in the fight against hunger. The McGovern-Dole school food program is the key to education, a reduction of AIDS, and upward mobility. Today, in South Africa the McGovern-Dole school food program attracts children to the classroom, many for the first time, while providing them with the proper nutrients to thrive."

    —Marshall Matz, Chairman, Friends of the World Food Program

  • "With messages that are provocative and engaging, the authors ask us to consider critically our comprehensive response to Jesus' exhortation to "give them something to eat." The good news, we learn, is that ending hunger now is within our reach; the challenge is to use our money and our voices to make it happen. For people of faith, this book offer realistic actions we can each take as we raise our collective voices against the scandalous reality of hunger in an abundant world."

    —Kathryn Sime, Director, ELCA World Hunger & Disaster Appeal, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  • "For people of faith, taking action to eradicate hunger is not an option. In this important book, George McGovern and Bob Dole model why people who may disagree on a whole range of issues must make common cause to end hunger now, precisely because it is central to what it means to live out one's faith."

    —Rebecca Larson, Executive Director, Division for Church in Society Evangelical Lutheran Church in America






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